Exergaming engages the body and brain.

Benefits to participants of exergaming include movement, engagement, and fun, in addition to the cognitive benefits derived from a mental challenge during exercise.

In 2023, the Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing (FPCIW) collaborated with Rendever, USC researchers, and Front Porch residents to explore the benefits of VR cycling. RendeverFit utilizes virtual reality to promote physical well-being and engagement. Created by Rendever to combat social isolation, RendeverFit combines a headset, a desk cycle, handheld controllers, and a tablet. It supports interaction with virtual objects and unique scenery among the course options. RendeverFit aims to make exercise enjoyable and motivational, helping users remain active and connected, and based on the recent FPCIW pilot, it’s delivering on this goal. Read the CIW final report of RendeverFit on the positive outcomes of the pilot. Read the final report on Rendever Fit.

Engagement is at the heart of the FPCIW partnership with Blue Goji. Introducing new technologies can be a challenge, but we’ve learned that when we harness “the power of fun” it inspires engagement, camaraderie, and teamwork, that generates a greater positive impact.

The CyberCycle, first introduced into Front Porch communities in 2009, continues to challenge residents and teams. The Front Porch 2023 CyberCycle games included 54 riders across six communities riding 916 miles! The winning riders put aside competition and directed their prize to a donation in their name to the 2023 Walk to End Alzheimer’s. An independent study underwritten by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and published in the February 2012 issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that physical exercise with computer-simulated environments and interactive videogame features such as the CyberCycle can yield a greater cognitive benefit for older adults than traditional exercise alone. Read more about the CyberCycle at Front Porch.

Making wellness fun continues in the competitive arena of Wii Bowling. The research on exercising and video games has demonstrated the important health benefits of video game consoles to promote physical and cognitive activities. When (FPCIW) first introduced Nintendo Wii Bowling to its communities in 2009 as an innovative approach to using off-the-shelf technology, the program ignited a new and fun way for people to get active, build camaraderie, and be part of something bigger. In 2023, national organizations are beginning their 14th year of championships, and the camaraderie of play continues at Front Porch communities.  Watch Front Porch residents play Wii/Xbox.

Read the final report on Rendever Fit.

Read more about the CyberCycle at Front Porch.

Watch Front Porch residents play Wii/Xbox.