Healthcare transformation with 2 in 1s in the workplace.

Through a unique opportunity provided by the Aging 2.0 Alliance, the Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing (FPCIW) partnered with Intel to deploy tablets to staff and caregivers at Sunny View to demonstrate mobile applications as a point of care solution in care settings. The project, which was evaluated by a team of Intel anthropologists and researchers from Intel Health and Life Sciences, distributed 10 Microsoft SurfacePro tablet devices over three months to understand how the technology can support workflows and improve care.

Through carefully planned discussions and trainings with community staff, FPCIW developed key trainings and adoption strategies that encouraged the integration of mobile devices. The pilot reported high levels of staff engagement and productivity, despite initial skepticism and concerns of workflow disruptions.

  • 67% of participants prefer to use the tablet over a workstation
  • 75% of staff preferred the tablet over the PC
  • Previous experience with smart mobile phones and other tablets (i.e., iPads, HTC phone, etc.) helped to influence acceptance

Qualitative findings from the Intel team’s interviews with staff members were just as convincing and valuable. They found that the community’s caregivers and other staff felt that the 2-in-1 tablets freed them to work anywhere any time, reduced paper and increased their efficiency, allowed them to appear more professional, improved their relations with residents and provided more time to care for community members.

The encouraging findings from the pilot eventually led to further investments including resident donor commitments from the Sunny View Foundation to long-term adoption of tablet devices at Sunny View and other Front Porch communities. The project successfully addressed efficiency gaps in care and service delivery in Sunny View’s care center and throughout its resident community.

Read the Intel blog and case study on this pilot’s outcomes.

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