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We’re partnering as a Center of Excellence with Embodied Labs, a CalGrows Innovation Fund Award Winner, to offer free training to direct care workers and friends/family caregivers in California.

Courses will help you build skills and learn about dementia, vision and hearing loss, and home-based care. Embodied Labs’ virtual reality platform enables you to step into the shoes of persons you care for. 

Two learning opportunities: 

  1. Direct care workers (DCW) at Front Porch Communities will receive a virtual reality or web immersive experience of Embodied Labs’ “Actionable Empathy in Dementia” course through September, 2024. DCWs have the option to independently take additional courses via CalGrows and may be eligible to receive incentives of up to $6,000 from CalGrows.
  2. Family and friend caregivers (FFC) have an opportunity to better understand the experiences of family, neighbors and friends through free, quick, and impactful courses from Embodied Labs. Courses are designed with the goals of strengthening relationships and improving communication. Access the courses here

Frequently Asked Questions

I work at a Front Porch community; how do I access this training?

FPCIW will be in your community with virtual reality and group training! Look for an opportunity to sign up before 9/30/2024. Web immersive training may also be accessed anytime/anywhere using this link on a laptop or desktop PC.

I’m a friend, neighbor or family member of a person living with dementia. Is this training for me?

Yes, if you assist a person and are not compensated for it, you’re considered a family and friend caregiver, and are eligible to take courses at no cost. You could be caring for your spouse, or looking after a neighbor. To get started go to this link. When signing up for the training, simply select that you do not get paid to provide care, and that you do live in California; then complete the brief registration. Next, take the courses that interest you.

What is CalGrows?

CalGrows is the California Department of Aging’s program designed to support caregivers of older adults and people with disabilities by improving their skills through in-person and online training courses, 1:1 career coaching, and financial incentives.

Where can I learn more about incentives and eligibility for incentive payments?

Learn more from CalGrows.

Questions about this training?

Contact us for questions about this program at fpciwinfo@frontporch.net. We’d love to hear your feedback!